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Program Conditions:

Advantages :

  1. A dedicated account manager for assistance and communication
  2. Dedicated fast lane at all points of entry
  3. According to the law, delaying the collection of customs charges for thirty days after the consignment's release date
  4. Prioritized in all customs procedures
  5. Reducing inspection process based on risk analysis
  6. Exemption from the financial guarantee for exports of liquid chemicals from the Ministry of Energy
  7. Benefit from similar programs in other countries with MRA in place.
  8. Benefit from the advance rulings service
  9. The possibility of using the program's logo in marketing and publishing a list of the members of the approved economic operator on the authority's website
  10. Membership in the advisory group for the authorized economic operator
  11. Offering free customs procedures-focused training to authorized economic operators


  1. The applicant must be a resident legal person (company / institution)
  2. Prior to filing the application, the applicant must have registered with the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority for at least a year
  3. The absence of any cases of zakat, tax, or customs evasion, fines for non-cooperation, or instances of customs smuggling on the facility throughout the previous ten years or from the date of its registration, whichever comes first
  4. The lack of any instances of delay in supplying records and information to the Authority upon request over the previous three years or since the date of its registration, whichever is earlier
  5. Obligation to file returns and pay taxes and zakat on time every month for the past two years, or since the company was registered, whichever comes first
  6. The facility shall not have any unpaid dues or unsubmitted returns to the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority unless there are ongoing disputes with the authority or secretariat and no final, binding ruling has been rendered in those matters
  7. Obligation to submit returns and pay tax, zakat, and other fees on time every month for the preceding two years, or since the company was registered, whichever is sooner
  8. Obligation to provide accurate information to the Authority before the consignment arrives, with no violations of the statement's earlier submission obligation
  9. Commitment to pre-submit all customs information for marine shipments made during the last two years
  10. For electronic record-keeping and document storage, the facility should have an integrated operating system (ERP System)
  11. Existence of a facility's self-audit mechanisms, ongoing evaluation of its performance, and the availability of a policy that has been approved for staff training on security-related topics
  12. Appointing a customs broker-certified liaison officer to serve as a point of contact for the facility and the authority
  13. Evidence of the institution's capacity to meet its long-term commitments to the Authority and any other facility
  14. The establishment must have an integrated security system that has been approved by one of the Kingdom's authorized security and risk assessment firms
  15. The existence of acknowledged, effective strategies and procedures for enforcing security guidelines when applying them to consignments (containers); Transportation, the facility's manufacturers, and its warehouses' locations; Additionally, the facility's personnel's security
  16. Adherence to the necessary security requirements by business partners
  17. Existence of a civil defense license and an approved, functional crisis management and recovery plan ​